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Efectele benefice ale hidratării nucilor, semințelor și cerealelor integrale

Efectele benefice ale hidratării nucilor, semințelor și cerealelor integrale

Buna prieteni,

Dedic acest articol acelor persoane care tind mereu spre o alimentație sănătoasă, care sunt cu adevărat pasionați de nutriționism și le pasă de ceea ce mănâncă. După cum am mai spus, în articolele anterioare aici de pe blog la compartimentul Educație Alimentară, eu nu sunt adepta nici unei etichete de genul: vegană, raw-vegană sau vegetariană etc. Eu înțeleg foarte bine ce îmi face bine și ce îmi face rău, ce ar trebui să scot din alimentația mea și căror alimente ar trebui să le măresc doza...

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Where did the water on Earth come from?

About 70% of Earth’s surface is covered with water, 97% of which is composed of our oceans and is salted water, and the rest 3% is freshwater found in lakes and in glacier and polar caps. But where did all this water come from? Remnants of an old star Scientists believe that some of the […]
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Pluto, the forgotten planet

Pluto is a dwarf planet, and it had this title from the year 2006. Even though it is still considered a planet, Pluto has only 70% the diameter and 0.17 the mass of the moon. But what other interesting things are known about Pluto? Pluto was discovered in the year 1930 by Clyde Tombaugh. It […]
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Red details – old film

EN: I feel like I didn’t post any photography articles on my blog in years and you know how much I love taking photos. I take pictures almost every day, but it takes me a long time to edit and post them. This week I wasn’t that busy so I made some time to write this… Continue reading Red details – old film
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My sun sets to rise again

(EN) ” My sun sets to rise again ” – Elizabeth Barrett Browning  After every sunset, there’s always going to be a sunrise, sometimes it happens too early, othertimes – too late, but it always happens. Don’t lose your hope. (RO) ” Soarele meu apune ca să răsară din nou. ”  – Elizabeth Barrett Browning… Continue reading My sun sets to rise again
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