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Vladimir Plahotniuc

The Echoes of Moldova’s Silent Revolution

During June 8-14, Moldova went through its most severe political crisis yet. Without exaggeration, the country was on the brink of civil conflict between an incumbent oligarchic regime and a surprise coalition of rival political factions united against the wannabe … Continue reading
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People’s March to take place in Moldova’s capital on Sunday

A standoff between the new and the old government continues in Moldova for the sixth day.  On Saturday, June 9th the ACUM-PSRM majority in Parliament elected a new government, but the politically controlled Constitutional Court, through arbitrary and abusive decisions, … Continue reading
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State of Play Ahead of Moldova’s Parliamentary Elections

On February 24, 2019, Moldova will elect a new parliament based on a mixed electoral system adopted in July 2017 by the incumbent Democratic Party, led by oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc, and the nominally opposition Party of Socialists, controlled by President … Continue reading
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Increasingly Isolated Moldovan Government Looks to Turkey for Support

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan paid an official visit to Moldova, on October 17–18, after his trip had been postponed repeatedly since 2014 (, August 21). Historically, Turkey has played an important role in Moldovan politics, routinely acting as a … Continue reading
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Is Moldova Moving Toward Russia Ahead of Parliamentary Elections?

The standoff between Moldova’s ruling Democratic Party and the country’s pro-European opposition escalated following the cancelation of a democratic election for Chisinau mayor, won by the opposition, earlier this summer (see EDM, June 27). On the dawn of Moldovan Independence Day, … Continue reading
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Mayoral Campaigns in Moldova’s Two Largest Cities: A Preview of Next Parliamentary Election

This Sunday, May 20, Moldova will hold early mayoral elections in the capital city of Chisinau, the second-largest city of Balti, and five other small localities. The mayoral seats in the two largest cities became vacant after the resignation of … Continue reading
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High-Level Corruption Threatens Moldova’s European Aspirations

Every April 7, Moldovans take stock of the progress the country has made since the youth protests of April 2009, which popularly became known as the “Twitter Revolution.” Nine years ago, this civil unrest led to the demise of Communist … Continue reading
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Moldovan President Igor Dodon Suspended by the Constitutional Court

The Moldovan Constitutional Court temporarily suspended the country’s president, on October 20, following a request by the government to interpret article 98, paragraph 6 of the Constitution, covering the president’s role in government reshuffles (, October 20). The issue dates … Continue reading
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Don’t give up on democracy in Moldova

My country was once a leader in democratic transition in the post-Soviet space. It had high hopes of joining the European family of nations as the poster child of the European Union’s Eastern Partnership programme. This has proven to be … Continue reading
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Main Risk for Moldova in 2017: Plahotniuc’s Consolidation of Power

Moldovan politics are traditionally shaped by geopolitics, but in 2017, domestic developments will likely shape the immediate future of the country. Both the European Union and Russia have had negative experiences in seeking to influence local political elites. The political … Continue reading
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How Dodon Sold the Country and his Soul to Putin

After almost a decade since a Moldovan President has paid an official visit to Russia, Igor Dodon made his first foreign presidential visit to Moscow. Following campaign promises to alleviate the difficulties faced by many Moldovan migrants in Russia, facilitate … Continue reading
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Why Pro-Russian Candidate Won the Presidency in Moldova?

On November 13, over 52.1% of Moldovans voted for Igor Dodon of the Socialist Party. He is the country’s fifth elected president and only the third elected directly by the people. Those dissatisfied with the outcome took to social media … Continue reading
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Moldova Torn between Past and Future Ahead of Presidential Run-offs

On October 30, 2016, for the first time in 20 years, Moldovans went to the polls to elect their president directly. Before the March 2016 Constitutional Court ruling, which reintroduced direct elections, it was the national legislature that elected the … Continue reading
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Meet Moldova’s 16 Presidential Hopefuls

After a break of 20 years, Moldova will soon have a directly elected president. This follows a controversial Constitutional Court ruling of March 4, 2016 that reintroduced direct presidential elections with a mere stroke of a pen. Thus, throughout September … Continue reading
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Moldova’s Godfather Returns to the Shadows

Vladimir Plahotniuc renounced his seat in Parliament in on July 30, 2015 immediately after the voting in of the new government led by Valeriu Strelet. This is, in fact, the second time Plahotniuc vacates his legislative seat, after resigning from … Continue reading
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