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Hey, demult nu am scris, nu din motiv că nu am vrut, din motiv că am trăit cele mai frumoase 4 zile în Lviv, în orașul de vis, sincer nici până acum nu pot să cred că face parte din Ucraina. Lviv a fost cândva a Poloniei, de aia arată ca un oraș europenizat, cu locuri […]

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Lefkada – insula grecească pe care poţi ajunge cu maşina

La aproximativ 1000 km distanță de București se află Insula Lefkada, cu o suprafață de 336 kmp. Insula este legată de continent printr-un pod plutitor peste care se poate trece cu mașina, fiind singura insulă din Grecia la care se poate ajunge fără a folosi un ferryboat. Lefkada se află pe partea vestică a Greciei… Read More Lefkada – insula grecească pe care poţi ajunge cu maşina

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A purple Saturday – Lavender Fest 2016

Lavandula or more commonly known as lavender is a flower native to the Old World (Europe, Africa, Asia) and there are 39 species of this plant. Jean Giono said “Lavender is the soul of Provence”, but he didn’t know that in Moldova you can find this flower as well. Only 39 km from Chisinau, in… Continue reading A purple Saturday – Lavender Fest 2016
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Hey, hey, hey! Attention, attention, attention!!! Tourists planning to visit the Republic of Moldova this weekend/ those who are already here/ moldovans that are not yet on holidays/ or anyone else!!!! This weekend a Super-Duper festival will be organized – LAVENDER FEST 2016!! It is the second edition and I’m really excited to attend it… Continue reading LAVENDER FEST 2016
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It’s DescOperă Time!

Old Orhei, Giuseppe Verdi, open air festival and Friedrich Pfeiffer. What do these elements have in common? The answer is: DescOperă! DescOperă is the first open air festival of classic music organised in the Republic of Moldova. Moreover, it was the first open air opera I attended, but this post is not about me… it… Continue reading It’s DescOperă Time!
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Tourist in my own country – Serpeni

I have been asked so many times, what can someone visit in the Republic of Moldova. Moreover, several times when I showed some pictures of our landscapes, I have been asked where are those beauties and why people don’t know about them. The truth is: we don’t know our country as well as we know… Continue reading Tourist in my own country – Serpeni
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Vilnius form the top.

I think that it will be fair if my first post will be about Lithuania, the country where i’m living at the moment. I’m here since the end of August 2014. The reason of being here is my Erasmus year. At the beginning it was supposed to be just one semester, but i fell in […]
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