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Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day in my Faux Fur Coat

Hey neața, nu demult am făcut ochișori și când am privit spre geam…ningeeee, why? Nicidecum nu vedeam așa Valentine’s Day, Ziua Îndrăgostiților trebuie să fie cu soare, în fustițe și în stiletto. ???? Anyway, nu asta contează cel mai mult într-o relație, până la sfărșit tot noi emanăm dragoste și ne încălzim. Sincer, când timpul de […]

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A romantic outfit for Valentine’s Day

EN Hi, beautiful girls! What are you doing? Recently, I started again my French lessons, the progress is visible and I am very happy. My colleagues and teacher are absolutely wonderful. I have colleagues from Italy, Russia, Japan, Mexico, Israel. We are very united and friendly, and that’s what I enjoy enormously. My favourites are […]
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Dragobete – Let’s celebrate the Love!

Hello everyone! I hope the last week of February is treating you well enough, regardless of where you are right now. Today, we’re celebrating Dragobete here in Moldova, which is similar to Valentine’s day. It’s a day when love is celebrated and we consider it the time when nature wakes up from her sleep, birds look for […]
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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Treats

Hello my dear ones, I know I’m a bit late to the party, but I worked today on a few very easy and yummy treats for Valentine’s day that you could share with your loved ones. Here they are: Pink (and Tiffany Blue) Meringues for Valentines Day Red Velvet Chocolate Cake (Cupcakes) For the Pink […]
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