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Oh boy A lot of stuff happened since the last update on this project. New ideas, new reactions, new everything. First things first, for the sake of saving resources, time and money, the space station will be the form of a torus (basically a space donut). I’m still not done with the outside layer, but […]
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New project (Artificial Gravity)

Long time no see. I’m back (at least for a while). I have a project in mind that consists of creating a space station with artificial gravity by using centrifugal force. I know it has been thought of before, and it’s not very cost-efficient, but a circular space station spinning is the best chance we […]
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The future of our universe

The Universe is all of the space and time that we live in, contain all existing matter such planets, stars, nebulas, and every other thing that comes into your mind. The Universe was created about 13,7 billion years ago, and it is continuously expanding since then. But if there is one thing that we don’t […]
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Our home, The Milky Way

The Milky Way, if you didn’t know, is the galaxy that we live in. Imagine our Solar System, make it 160,256,410 times wider and add 300 billion stars and you’ve got the Milky Way. Just the like the Earth is orbiting the Sun, so is the Solar System orbiting around the centre of the Milky Way. […]
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Space Stations Explained

After a very long pause, I am finally back. Sorry for the inactivity. I got burned out and didn’t have any ideas to write about. Now that I collected a decent number of ideas to maintain this blog I think it is time to start with the first one: Space Stations. So what exactly is […]
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The Sun and what do we know about it

I was getting bored of all of the “Facts about” articles that I wrote so I decided to change my style a little bit. From now on I will write everything I know about a particular object in space. So let’s start with the giant yellow ball that warms us every day, the Sun. Our […]
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15 Facts about NASA

 1. Training with Armageddon. NASA will show the Armageddon movie to its trainees and ask them to find as many scientific inaccuracies as possible. 2. There are a lot of NASA inventions that we use every day. A lot of the things that we use every day were invented by scientists at NASA. Some of […]
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Where did life come from on Earth?

Where did life come from on Earth? This is a common question asked by scientists, but it still doesn’t have a solid answer. There are a lot of theories, but today I will cover only the 3 most credible ones. 1. Life came from Mars. It is thought that life came from Mars, as rocks […]
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Pluto, the forgotten planet

Pluto is a dwarf planet, and it had this title from the year 2006. Even though it is still considered a planet, Pluto has only 70% the diameter and 0.17 the mass of the moon. But what other interesting things are known about Pluto? Pluto was discovered in the year 1930 by Clyde Tombaugh. It […]
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Andromeda is the closest galaxy to the Milky Way, at a distance of approx. 2.5 million light years away from us. Andromeda is 2.2 times bigger than our galaxy and contains about 1 trillion stars, compared to the 200-300 billion stars in the Milky Way. It was believed that Andromeda was a nebula until 1920. Andromeda […]
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Pulsars, the dead stars of the Universe

Pulsars are rotating neutron stars that emit a beam of electromagnetic radiation that is visible only if you stay in its path. These dead stars got their name because their emission appear to be pulsating in space. The creation of a pulsar is similar to that of a neutron star. A star, with the mass […]
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The truth about light speed

Light Speed (obviously) is the speed that light travels at. It is unimaginably fast, traveling at 300.000 km/s (186282 m/s). Even though this seems very fast it still takes 8 minutes and 20 second for light to travel from the Sun to Earth. A light year is equivalent to the distance that light travels in […]
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Facts about Nebulae

In the last post I talked about Black Holes, so today I wanted to talk about what can form when a Supernova appears: a nebulae. How do Nebulae form? Well… Nebulae are formed when the gases and particles from old exploded stars that collapse forming a cloud with its own gravitational form. In 5 billion […]
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What is actually a Black Hole and how does it form?

What is a Black Hole? A Black Hole, by definition, is a place in space where gravity pulls so much that even light can’t get out. Black Holes are invisible for naked eye, and can be seen by detecting the radio waves and the X-rays emitted by them. How is a Black Hole formed? Black […]
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Bijuteriile care spun povestea universului

     Se pare că și în Lituania oamenii se confruntă cu problema "job plictisitor vs visuri". De foarte multe ori aud oameni povestind că își doresc să facă altceva în această viață, că rutina de zi cu zi devine insuportabilă. Astfel, o femeie din Lituania și-a lăsat job-ul pentru a-și realiza visul.

     „Dintotdeauna m-a atras tot ce este magic și celest, așa că am hotărât să transpun această dragoste în bijuterii pe care le fac singură. Într-o zi am postat pe internet unele dintre lucrările mele și ceea ce am crezut eu cândva ca fiind din domeniul fantasticului s-a realizat! Am plecat de la locul meu de muncă și petreceam fiecare zi în apartament, materializându-mi visul...
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