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Post – American Dream

Like a hangover neither triumphs nor disasters last forever. [En] Coming back home meant thinking about USA every day, but without any feeling that I would love to go back. Well, all this was just for a few months, because in winter I started to be crazy about the idea of moving to USA. I […]
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American Dream

That summer, I mean the summer of my life! Island [En] 11h of flight, no sleep, some movies and the feeling that I’m going to explode on that plane, but I landed to Houston finally! Oh… a very impressive city, but not our city! Here we are… on our way to Galveston, that small Island, […]
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Pre – American Dream

There is nothing special about Work & Travel, but there is something special about my Work & Travel. [En] Almost 4 years ago I had no idea I m going to spend the next summer in USA and I didn’t even plan it. I saw a lot of students applying for this Program and my […]
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Sexuality in images. Posters in the style of the „Soviet Union”.

Russian painter Valeriu Barîchin, painted illustrations, which combine the style applied to the Soviet Union posters and social posters of the United States of the 1960s. See what has been received. Here you can view the article in: 1. Romanian: Sexualitatea în imagini. Postere în stilul „Uniunii Sovietice” 2. Russian: ЭРОТИЧЕСКИЕ РИСУНКИ в стиле „СОВЕТСКОГО СОЮЗА”!
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