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Despre tatuajele mele

Voi ce părere aveți despre tatuaje? Sunteți pro sau contra? Până nu demult erau considerate ceva inacceptabil pentru o lady care se respectă ????, dar nu și acum. Se spune că odata ce îti faci unul, nu te mai poți opri… sau ca trebuie să […]

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Space Stations Explained

After a very long pause, I am finally back. Sorry for the inactivity. I got burned out and didn’t have any ideas to write about. Now that I collected a decent number of ideas to maintain this blog I think it is time to start with the first one: Space Stations. So what exactly is […]
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Ski Lover

Buna dragilor, astazi vreau sa va povestesc cum am invatat sa schiez si o mica istorioara hazlie care s-a intimplat cu mine in muntii Austrieci, sa incepem… Iubesc adrenalina mai mult ca orice , probabil din aceasta cauza am indragit schiatul din prima. Anul acesta am venit la munte in Poiana Brasov  si pot sa […]
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Where did the water on Earth come from?

About 70% of Earth’s surface is covered with water, 97% of which is composed of our oceans and is salted water, and the rest 3% is freshwater found in lakes and in glacier and polar caps. But where did all this water come from? Remnants of an old star Scientists believe that some of the […]
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Pluto, the forgotten planet

Pluto is a dwarf planet, and it had this title from the year 2006. Even though it is still considered a planet, Pluto has only 70% the diameter and 0.17 the mass of the moon. But what other interesting things are known about Pluto? Pluto was discovered in the year 1930 by Clyde Tombaugh. It […]
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Andromeda is the closest galaxy to the Milky Way, at a distance of approx. 2.5 million light years away from us. Andromeda is 2.2 times bigger than our galaxy and contains about 1 trillion stars, compared to the 200-300 billion stars in the Milky Way. It was believed that Andromeda was a nebula until 1920. Andromeda […]
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Get ready for festival season with IVYREVEL

EN Hi, my beautiful girls! So happy that today is Tuesday, I look forward to the days when we are meeting here in my virtual house. How did you spend the weekend? Me as usually with a lot of positive emotions. On Saturday I was to Sanremo, the city where takes place the famous Italian […]
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Pulsars, the dead stars of the Universe

Pulsars are rotating neutron stars that emit a beam of electromagnetic radiation that is visible only if you stay in its path. These dead stars got their name because their emission appear to be pulsating in space. The creation of a pulsar is similar to that of a neutron star. A star, with the mass […]
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The best places for humanity to colonize in space

Humans are born every second, and our planet can’t sustain humanity for much longer. Earth’s population limit is at about 10 billion people. After that, there will appear serious problems with the availability of fresh water and food. It is estimated that Earth’s population will reach 10 billion by 2050. If Earth can’t support us […]
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The truth about light speed

Light Speed (obviously) is the speed that light travels at. It is unimaginably fast, traveling at 300.000 km/s (186282 m/s). Even though this seems very fast it still takes 8 minutes and 20 second for light to travel from the Sun to Earth. A light year is equivalent to the distance that light travels in […]
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Summer vibes in SAINT TROPEZ

EN Hi, my beautiful girls! I’m so excited. Recently, I received my new scooter that is absolutely amazing. I love it, especially that it’s a gift from my husband. For me, the occasional gifts are the most beautiful. I hope to make soon a photo shoot to show it to you. Today I am very […]
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Efectul – Londra

Orașul ploilor! Pentru cineva ploile sunt o sperietoare din mijlocul lanului cu porumb, iar pentru altcineva o continuă sursă de inspirație…  Ne-au invitat prietenii la Londra, iar noi nu am ezitat și am luat bilet direct spre ei, chiar cu...
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(Video, Foto) Wedding in Santorini

Și dacă tot e vară și toată lumea e cu gândul la vacanță, sunt și eu cu gândul la mare, la soare și la bronzat… doar că anul acesta încă nu am reușit să ajungem, cu toate evenimentele și spitalele, dacă știi la ce mă […]

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The best of Monaco in one day

EN Hi, beautiful girls! With certain steps the summer started to get it rights. During this period, the Côte d’Azur is assailed by thousands of enthusiastic tourists. Last weekend was a good time for the beach, so I did not stay in the house, but I took full advantage of the sun and the sea. […]
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Paris for the weekend

[EN] Hi, beautiful girls! Last weekend I had a little getaway… to Paris. What can be more beautiful, is not it? I love this city regardless of the season. I have visited it many times, but I want to admire it whenever I have the opportunity. [RO] Salutare, frumoaselor! Weekendul trecut am avut parte de o mica […]
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A visit to Karl Lagerfeld’s villa

** Hi, my beautiful girls! It’s Tuesday and I’m looking forward to blogging with a new post. First of all, I want to thank you for your greeting congratulations, so beautiful and warm. You touched me and you made my day. On the Côte d’Azur the summer came… it’s so beautiful, the sun shines and […]
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A getaway to Limone Piemonte

Hello,  my dears. How are you? It’s Thursday and as usual I’m waiting you here on Colourful Buttons. Today I want to tell you about my last spontaneous getaway in the Italian mountains – Limone Piemonte. Why spontaneous? Saturday morning, 9:30, still in bed, trying to require me to go to the kitchen to prepare […]
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Christmas mood in Monte Carlo

Hello, my beautiful ladies. I am glad to meet you again here. December is one of my favourite month. I love the bustle which is created around the winter holidays. Christmas spirit is everywhere: in the windows shops, on the streets, in the markets, but more important in the people’s heart. During this period we […]
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Goodbye summer!

Hello, my dears! Summer has passed and here is coming the autumn. Three months flies imperceptibly. ** Salutare, dragilor! Iata ca a trecut si vara. Trei luni au zburat pe nesimtite, iar toamna incepe treptat sa-si intre in drepturi. I’m already thinking about autumn wardrobe. The stores are full with clothes for the cold season and […]
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Summer outfit

Hi, my dears from Chisinau. I hope you had a good week. I had a lovely mini holiday. I saw my family and friends, I wandered my favorite cafes, I walked through the parks of Chisinau … In short, I had a wonderful mini holiday. ** Va salut, dragilor, din Chisinau! Sper ca ati avut o […]
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