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Increasingly Isolated Moldovan Government Looks to Turkey for Support

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan paid an official visit to Moldova, on October 17–18, after his trip had been postponed repeatedly since 2014 (, August 21). Historically, Turkey has played an important role in Moldovan politics, routinely acting as a … Continue reading
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Choose your financial partner

I write about money and finance; it’s necessary to mention that it’s personal and we should take care of our interests. That’s doesn’t mean that we need to become greedy and selfish but to become aware that other people can…
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Moldova’s Civil Society under Attack

Alongside Georgia and Ukraine, Moldova has one of the most liberal and vibrant civil societies in the post-Soviet space. Just remember the so-called “Twitter Revolution” in April 2009. The revolution, which spelt the beginning of the end for Vladimir Voronin’s … Continue reading
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Party Funding – the Root of all Evil?

Moldovan political parties have presented their half year financial reports to the Central Electoral Commission. There is tremendous variation among the leading parties in terms of their wealth and donor base. According to the data, unsurprisingly, the ruling Democratic party … Continue reading
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