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25 interesting facts about Mauritius

ROmanian. Despre vacanța mea în Mauritius voi scrie mai multe postări, dar începem, tradițional, cu curiozitățile: 1. Mauritius sau Republica Mauritius este o țară insulară din largul coastelor continentului african în sud-vestul Oceanului Indian, la aproximativ 900 km est de Madagascar. De altfel, avionul care ne-a dus în Mauritius, după ce a făcut o pauză […]
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The new promotional video spot of Moldova: Be Our Guest!

EN. The new promotional spot of Moldova was launched on 22 November 2017.  So, Be Our Guest. Visit Moldova. RO. Noul spot de promovare a Moldovei a fost lansat ieri, 22 noiembrie 2017. Fii Oaspetele Nostru, Vizitează Moldova: PC:
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Chisinau launches its first Tourist Information Center

EN. The first Tourist Information Center (TIC) was launched today in Chisinau. All those who would like to spend their holidays in any corner of the Republic of Moldova may arrange all details of their stay. The Center provides information about events, boarding facilities, tours and itineraries to all visitors. Moreover, using virtual reality technology, […]
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Nice to meet you (again) London!

Never say Never and Never say Always! [En] I’ve been to London exactly 3 years ago and we were 100% tourists (me, my mom and my cute sister). London Eye, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Madame Tussauds… yes, beautiful London! But my impression was a very cold one. I said – Thank you, London, […]
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Monaco through my eyes

Hi everyone! I’m writing you from France. That’s the second time I visit it, the previous summer I was only for few hours on the top of Mont Blanc and didn’t see almost anything of real French lifestyle. But now I’m in the south of France, better said French Riviera. I wanted very much to visit Monaco because everyone tells it’s perfect and they were right. It’s amazing there not because of the expensive cars, fancy clothes or rich lifestyle, but because of the unusual architecture, and aristocratic air. You walk through the park and understand how happy you are, at least due to the organized places and country...
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Festivalul Muzical Gustar 2017

Salutare! Voi ce ați făcut în weekend? Noi am profitat de ultimele zile rămase din această vara și am mers la festivalul muzical Gustar. Iarăși la festival)) Ca și în ceilalți ani, festivalul a fost organizat la Orheiul Vechi și, de fiecare dată când merg […]

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