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Career challenges

Are you pursuing a career or thinking to choose one? At some point its good to ask yourself next questions: – The country I live gives me enough opportunities to grow to the maximum career level I want? – Do…
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Do you pay cash or card?

Seriously, what do you prefer? Did you think how easy is to have no cash with you? Somewhere it’s easy, but not so in Moldova. In our country, you should be ready to have both. You never know when you…
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The feeling of coming home!

There is no place like home. [En] 2 months since I’m back home and enjoying my time with all the people I love. Now in process to recharge my batteries ???? , we all need it after every trip or experience away. Traveling for a long time takes the excitement out of traveling. Eventually, things just […]
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Real entrepreneurs

  Real entrepreneurs are those that build the healthy relationship with their team. No one in the world can run a successful long-term company without trusted colleagues. In Moldova, we know a lot of ”self-claimed” entrepreneurs that don’t give a…
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People besides you

Have you felt those moments when you feel secure being beside friends? What about people that you don’t know, I’m sure that they need to deserve your trust. Someone said that you are the average of five people you spend…
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Why do people leave?!

There are people that leave a mark on us, but in a moment they leave. How to deal with that is something personal. First, we need to understand that no matter what, everyone should think about himself and about what’s…
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American Dream

That summer, I mean the summer of my life! Island [En] 11h of flight, no sleep, some movies and the feeling that I’m going to explode on that plane, but I landed to Houston finally! Oh… a very impressive city, but not our city! Here we are… on our way to Galveston, that small Island, […]
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Recapitulări pentru 2016

Bună dragilor, sper că ați dat jos deja kilogramele puse de sărbători. Azi facem recapitulările pentru anul ce tocmai a trecut. Eu zic că a fost un an super, plin cu realizări și cu noi provocări. Pentru mine anul 2016 a fost un an decisiv, greu, dar totodată și frumos. Am muncit mult, am avut […]
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Time is priceless! Buy watches for saving lifes

Săptămâna trecută am primit un mail în care Barbas & Zacári Watches – o companie australiană producătoare de ceasuri – mi-a propus să-i ajut în promovarea campaniei lor de susținere a unei fundații de cercetare cancer. M-am văzut responsabilă să împart această informație cu tine – este o ocazie să beneficiezi de o reducere, dar să și […]

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