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Sofi&Co Red Suit and 3 tips for perfect masculine look

Ro: Bună dragii mei, am revenit pe blog cu forțe și idei noi, voi fi mai activă și mai îndrăzneață, mulți dintre voi știu că am făcut parte din concursul Miss Tourism Beauty Moldova 2018, care îmi lua tot timpul liber, însă am învățat multe, am învățat să defilez, să fiu încrezută în sine, să […]

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Dare to play your style

  Bună fetelor, primăvara aceasta avem un nou trend de care pur și simplu m-am îndrăgostit peste cap. Deja este clar că moda anilor ’70-’80 s-a reîntors și chiar este bine venită, căci îmi place foarte tare piesele vestimentare din acei ani…în ultimul timp tot îi zic mamei că îmi pare rău că nu a […]

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Spring mood!

[EN]April is one of the most beautiful spring months, a month of changes and fashion, beauty or lifestyle purchases. Today I would like to show you two outfits that on the one hand consist of the same grunge blouse and the same boots, but on the other hand have various items at the bottom part. … More Spring mood!
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Fashion Presentation!

[EN]Glad to meet you, my dear friends of the blog. Now I recovered and I’d like to share you my impressions about one of the recent events that I attended: presentation of students’ collection from Business & Design Institute, Moscow. Collection consists of parts of garment with unique design, from the classic, Greek style to … More Fashion Presentation!
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My zaful experience // online-shopping

RO. Bine te-am găsit pe blogul meu.  Dacă postarea recentă te invită la un mod corect de alimentare, acest articol sper că te va inspira să faci, mai des, un shopping online de calitate. Promit să revin pe blog cu...
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Floral prints!

[EN]Hi, my dear friends! I know you are fond of fashion, style and art. The topic that I want to touch today on the blog is floral prints, a classical example in history of fashion. The floral prints from the clothes are very various, from small flowers that cover all fabric to big flowers that… Read More Floral prints!
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Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia. MD Djemal Makhmudov.

  [EN] Hi, my dears! There are some days and the last winter month begins and I look forward for it. February is a lovely month. In today’s article, I want to tell you about another designer I met at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia, Djemal Makhmudov, whose collection raises strong emotions. It is a collection… Read More Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia. MD Djemal Makhmudov.
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Mercedes Benz Fashion Week/Spring-Summer 2017.Igor Gulyaev

[EN]Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is one of the most important events in the fashion world, an event I attended with pleasure. The atmosphere was superb, there could be seen beautifully executed collections. Besides, guests and music were related. Today I want to tell you about the collection „Under the seven seals” created by designer Igor … More Mercedes Benz Fashion Week/Spring-Summer 2017.Igor Gulyaev
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Smooth Life Style

[EN]In today’s article I would like to tell you about Smooth Life Style, an attractive project which lasts for 22 years and carries new parameters in the fashion world. Thus, I accepted with pleasure the invitation of Modify brand to several local designers collection presentations under aegis of Smooth Life Style. I was greatly impressed … More Smooth Life Style
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Casual chic outfit for winter

Hello, my beautiful girls! I hope that you take the advantage of your holiday… because tomorrow I go back to work. Ohhh… I don’t want! I love the days when I can sleep as much as I want, to watch a movie or to read my favourite book… but unfortunately those days pass so fast. […]
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How to wear three-quarter length pants?

  [EN] Gald to meet you, my dear readers of The Kingdomstyle! In today’s article, I want to tell you about three-quarter length pants , in other words about gaucho, culottes pants, about their appearance and how to suit them. In order to become one of the most important pieces of clothing, pants, over time have … More How to wear three-quarter length pants?
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How to dress for New Year’s Eve? Smart casual style.

[EN]    The most important evening of the year is New Year’s Eve. It is a holiday at which you should feel and adopt a look that represents you depending on where the event will take place, taking into account the balance between the necessarily outfit, accessories, makeup and hairstyle. In today’s post, I have … More How to dress for New Year’s Eve? Smart casual style.
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Easy hairstyle with Hairoin accessories

Hello, my dears! How are you? Today, I decided not to talk about fashion as you are accustomed, but about how easily we can do an awesome hairstyle without the help of a hairstylist. I’m sure that you also think that hair arranging is very important, but often it give us much hassle. Whether we’re […]
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What to wear to school?

For me September is associated with high school. New friends, new subjects, new teachers etc. I don’t know what do you feel at the beginning of a new school year, but I have a lot of emotions when I am thinking of that period of my life. I miss school, colleagues, with some of them […]
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Sweet September

Hello, my dears! How are you? How have you spent the beginning of autumn? I hope you are taking the full advantage of the fine weather outside. On the Côte d’Azur we don’t feel the transition from one season to another. The sun is still hot, the water sea is still warm and the terraces […]
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Goodbye summer!

Hello, my dears! Summer has passed and here is coming the autumn. Three months flies imperceptibly. ** Salutare, dragilor! Iata ca a trecut si vara. Trei luni au zburat pe nesimtite, iar toamna incepe treptat sa-si intre in drepturi. I’m already thinking about autumn wardrobe. The stores are full with clothes for the cold season and […]
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Pyjama look

Hello, my dears! I think you already took the advantage of discount season … This year I had more luck. I find my shopping in Nice, Monaco and Paris. The Health app from my phone showed around 25 -30 thousand steps per day. So, imagine what marathon I held…
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The girl in the red jumpsuit

Hello, my dears! After a short holiday spent in Paris, then in Chisinau, several days ago I came back to Monaco. ** Salutare dragilor! Dupa o scurta vacanta petrecuta la Paris, apoi la Chișinău, zilele trecute am revenit in Monaco. I was missing the walks along the seafront, the ice cream from my favourite cafe, the […]
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An Italian summer getaway

When it comes to getaways then for sure I will opt for a spontaneous one. This kind of rest is the most relaxing and positive, because you charge the batteries for a whole week. ** Ador escapadele spontane. Sunt cele mai reusite si iti incarca bateriile pentru o saptamana  inainte. Exactly happened the last Saturday. I had […]
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