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Stripes: the trend that never goes out of fashion

EN Hi, my beautiful girls! How are you? So long I waited for the hot days, that now when the summer is here, and the degrees in the thermometer are high enough I do not know where to hide… Just a bath in the sea can cool me, I guess I’m gonna move to live […]
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Striped t-shirt and white skinny jeans – styling tips

EN Hi, beautiful girls. Whether we are talking about clothes, shoes or accessories, absolutely all of us adore comfort. When we feel good in what we’re wearing we have a big smiley on our face and that makes us confident. RO Salutare, frumoaselor!!! Absolut toate femeile adora confortul. Fie ca vorbim de haine, incaltaminte sau […]
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Tips on how to wear high waisted pants

EN Hi, my beautiful girls!!! Although I’m quite tired and all the time I want to sleep, I’m happy that I have had so many activities that bring me an enormous satisfaction. This week was full of events. On Tuesday I was at the Monte Carlo Television Festival, which reached its 57th edition. On Wednesday […]
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Rock this summer in a stylish playsuit

EN Hi, beautiful girls! The summer came and that gives me a good feeling. I just came from the walk. Outside is so beautiful. The beaches and terraces are full of tourists, it feels like the holiday period has begun. Another reason for my joy is the event where I was invited to. I am […]
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Paris for the weekend

[EN] Hi, beautiful girls! Last weekend I had a little getaway… to Paris. What can be more beautiful, is not it? I love this city regardless of the season. I have visited it many times, but I want to admire it whenever I have the opportunity. [RO] Salutare, frumoaselor! Weekendul trecut am avut parte de o mica […]
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Fall/winter 2015-2016 fashion: Scarves to wear this season

Nu știu dacă e și cazul vostru, dar eu sunt fericită pentru că m-am născut într-o zonă a planetei unde avem toate cele 4 anotimpuri. Îmi place să schimb hainele și stilurile, să pot purta și sandale, dar și ciuboțele, … Continuarea
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