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Oh boy A lot of stuff happened since the last update on this project. New ideas, new reactions, new everything. First things first, for the sake of saving resources, time and money, the space station will be the form of a torus (basically a space donut). I’m still not done with the outside layer, but […]
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New project (Artificial Gravity)

Long time no see. I’m back (at least for a while). I have a project in mind that consists of creating a space station with artificial gravity by using centrifugal force. I know it has been thought of before, and it’s not very cost-efficient, but a circular space station spinning is the best chance we […]
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Space Stations Explained

After a very long pause, I am finally back. Sorry for the inactivity. I got burned out and didn’t have any ideas to write about. Now that I collected a decent number of ideas to maintain this blog I think it is time to start with the first one: Space Stations. So what exactly is […]
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15 Facts about NASA

 1. Training with Armageddon. NASA will show the Armageddon movie to its trainees and ask them to find as many scientific inaccuracies as possible. 2. There are a lot of NASA inventions that we use every day. A lot of the things that we use every day were invented by scientists at NASA. Some of […]
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