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Russian Media Propaganda

Moldova’s Political Vulnerabilities at Systemic, Institutional and Individual Levels

Ever since it gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, the Republic of Moldova has been struggling with transition from a totalitarian one-party system to a functioning pluralist democracy. The country’s track record of democratization, understood as the institutionalization … Continue reading
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Moldova’s Societal Vulnerabilities: How Foreign Actors Shape ‘Captive’ Identities

Given its location and its history, it should be no surprise that the Republic of Moldova is ethnically and linguistically heterogeneous. According to the 2014 census, 75.1% of the population identified as Moldovans, 7% as Romanians, 6.6% Ukrainians, 4.6% Găgăuz, … Continue reading
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Avenues of Russian Political Intervention in Moldova

A divided national identity and pervasive Soviet legacy provide fertile ground for Russian interfer­ence in the weak and unstable Moldovan political system. Historically, Moldovan political elites have always been divided between those who support and those who oppose closer ties with Russia. Russophiles … Continue reading
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Moldova’s Cooperation With NATO — Strategic Choice or Political Tactic?

Between January 29 and February 2, a group of experts from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) visited Moldova to assist with the drafting and implementation of the country’s key strategic documents, including the national defense and military strategies as … Continue reading
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Deconcstructing Vlad Plahontiuc’s article in the Wall Street Journal

An article published in the WSJ opinion section on 27 December, 2017, signed by the head of Moldova’s ruling Democratic Party Vlad Plahotniuc proclaimed that Moldova needs the West’s help against an aggressive Russia, but a closer scrutiny of Plahotniuc’s record … Continue reading
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A Year in Review: Oligarchic Power Consolidation Defines Moldova’s Politics in 2017

Moldova witnessed clear signs of democratic backsliding in 2017, along with window-dressing reforms and paying lip service to its international and domestic commitments. Against this backdrop, the country did experience some consumption-based economic growth, which the government has identified as … Continue reading
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Don’t give up on democracy in Moldova

My country was once a leader in democratic transition in the post-Soviet space. It had high hopes of joining the European family of nations as the poster child of the European Union’s Eastern Partnership programme. This has proven to be … Continue reading
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The Europeanisation of Moldova: Is the EU on the Right Track?

The overall assessment of EU policies towards Moldova presents a mixed yet evolving picture. Until recently, Brussels’ approach was distinctively high-level, focusing on relatively ‘blind’ budget support that aimed at the implementation of the AA. This lofty stance, which was … Continue reading
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How International Media Feeds Political Crisis in Moldova

On October 29, 2015, Prime Minister Valeriu Strelet lost a no-confidence vote, becoming the third head of cabinet to be censured by Parliament after Ion Sturza (1999) and Vlad Filat (2013). Following Filat’s arrest, it was only a matter of … Continue reading
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Gagauz Elections: Is Russia Interfering in Moldova’s Internal Affairs?

Powerful states have meddled with the affairs of less powerful nations for as long as this distinction has been around.  So, it should come as no surprise that a country such as Russia would attempt to exert influence over its … Continue reading
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