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Road Trip

Un road trip până în Muntenegru? Ăăă…

Ăăă…e frumos, dar extrem de obositor! În primul rând, călătoria este una lungă. Mica noastră familie a străbătut în total 3500 de km. Evident, am clădit un traseu care ne-ar garanta priveliști pitorești. Vorba ceea, dacă tot faci un drum lung, atunci să merite! Chișinău- Sighișoara – Craiova – Vidin (vama din Bulgaria)– Knjazevac (un orășel minuscul în […]
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We are never getting older

We are young and we are free, at least we pretend to be. Why would we spend our youth hating on things? EN: Instead of hating on fall, I decided to profit from it and the chilly weather by showing you how I style skirts in autumn. For this post I asked a friend to… Continue reading We are never getting older
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Road trip outfit

EN: I don’t know about you, but I love road trips! I love everything about them, especially the excitement that follows them. So, today I am going on a road trip with my family and I decided to show you my outfit! I am travelling by car so my outfit must be confortable. I’ve done… Continue reading Road trip outfit
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