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Being true to yourself

What do you want and when do you want that, are the essential questions that we need to answer to ourselves. True, means clear as mountain water, sincere as a child and fresh as the nature in the spring. Most…
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Why do people leave?!

There are people that leave a mark on us, but in a moment they leave. How to deal with that is something personal. First, we need to understand that no matter what, everyone should think about himself and about what’s…
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Esther Perel – my new discovery

Everyone should cultivate a secret garden. [En] My last discovery when it comes to books is Esther Perel. I bought her book while I was doing some shopping in Romania and suddenly I had it in my hands. The book cover is really stunning and the title just good enough to turn on my attention mode […]
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5 years of love…7 things you didn’t know about us!

(EN) Happy to meet you again, my beautiful women. Yesterday was a special day, for me and Ovidiu,  because it was our anniversary-  5 years, since we are together. These…
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