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Protests 2015

People Power in Romania Versus Moldova: Worlds Apart?

Romania is becoming the envy of the world when it comes to peaceful mass protests successfully holding the government accountable. A little over a year ago, 20,000 Romanians protested in the streets of the country’s capital against corruption and regulatory … Continue reading
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Perfect Storm Brewing in Moldova

It has been almost two weeks since Strelet government fell and things are starting to precipitate. It is true that throughout the last few years Moldova has been in a continuous state of managed chaos. Yet, with PLDM out of … Continue reading
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Protesters Are Done Pretending

Pretending has long been a national sport in Moldova.  Many people live a life of pretense because they do not have the courage to face the truth. We all, at certain points in our lives, have tried to project a … Continue reading
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Moldovan Political Activism on Social Media

One week into Moldova’s Acacia Revolution, as designated by one of its main faces Andrei Nastase, has witnessed tremendous mobilization by civic activists and regular citizens across the country and, indeed, across the world. Social media has played a key … Continue reading
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Civic Engagement versus Government Cynicism

September 6, 2015 protests in Chisinau may become a turning point in Moldovan political history just as well as they can fade away as if nothing ever happened.  So far, organizers appear determined to follow the history changing course, but … Continue reading
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Platforma – DA sau Platforma – NU

Trebuie să spun din capul locului că nu există prea multe personalități publice din Moldova față de care aș avea un respect mai mare decât pentru Igor Boțan. Dl Boțan este probabil cel mai echidistant și profesionist comentator politic de … Continue reading
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Is Any Truth or Dignity Left in Vladistan?

If Putin’s Russia is an iron fist ruled Vladimirland, then Moldova can surely be regarded as a feather-headed Vladistan – a triumvirate of Vlad Filat, Vlad Plahotniuc and Vladimir Voronin.  For about five years now Moldova has been facing a … Continue reading
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