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Political Protest

People’s March to take place in Moldova’s capital on Sunday

A standoff between the new and the old government continues in Moldova for the sixth day.  On Saturday, June 9th the ACUM-PSRM majority in Parliament elected a new government, but the politically controlled Constitutional Court, through arbitrary and abusive decisions, … Continue reading
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Is Moldova Moving Toward Russia Ahead of Parliamentary Elections?

The standoff between Moldova’s ruling Democratic Party and the country’s pro-European opposition escalated following the cancelation of a democratic election for Chisinau mayor, won by the opposition, earlier this summer (see EDM, June 27). On the dawn of Moldovan Independence Day, … Continue reading
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Moldova’s Democratic Façade Crumbles as Supreme Court Invalidates Democratic Election

On June 25, the Supreme Court of the Republic of Moldova denied opposition candidate Andrei Nastase (leader of the Dignity and Truth Platform Party) legal recourse, thus upholding the June 21 decision of the Appellate Court to invalidate the mayoral … Continue reading
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Democracy in Moldova: A Cautionary Tale

There is a meme circulating on the Moldovan internet that ironically describes the country’s capital, Chișinău, as a “European city.” Although it is true that Chișinău is a city in Europe, it bears little resemblance to Berlin, Paris, and Rome. … Continue reading
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Change of Electoral Systems in EaP Countries: Bolstering Dictators or Causing Maidan

Armenia: Before the Constitutional Referendum of 2015, Armenia was a semi-presidential republic. It had a semi-proportional representation underpinned by a majority bonus system. The unicameral parliament – National Assembly consisted of 131 deputies, of which 90 were elected on a … Continue reading
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People Power in Romania Versus Moldova: Worlds Apart?

Romania is becoming the envy of the world when it comes to peaceful mass protests successfully holding the government accountable. A little over a year ago, 20,000 Romanians protested in the streets of the country’s capital against corruption and regulatory … Continue reading
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Talk of Reunification Opens Risks and Opportunities for Protest-Ridden Moldova

At the height of recent anti-government protests in Chisinau, some Moldovans in the crowd may have hoped for Romania to intervene; but the Russian state media made it sound as if it this were a real possibility, if not an … Continue reading
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Legality vs. Legitimacy in Moldovan House of Cards

The notions of what is legal and what is legitimate are often used interchangeably. However, as any political science student would tell you, ‘legality’ simply means being in accordance with the law, whereas ‘legitimacy’ implies something being in accordance with … Continue reading
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Moldova’s Great Disillusionment

For years Moldova has been depicted as the poorest, most corrupt and least developed country in Europe. Moldovans have long come to terms with their country’s negative image, rivalled only by its obscurity. However, the youth protests in April 2009, … Continue reading
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Perfect Storm Brewing in Moldova

It has been almost two weeks since Strelet government fell and things are starting to precipitate. It is true that throughout the last few years Moldova has been in a continuous state of managed chaos. Yet, with PLDM out of … Continue reading
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How International Media Feeds Political Crisis in Moldova

On October 29, 2015, Prime Minister Valeriu Strelet lost a no-confidence vote, becoming the third head of cabinet to be censured by Parliament after Ion Sturza (1999) and Vlad Filat (2013). Following Filat’s arrest, it was only a matter of … Continue reading
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From Messiah to Pariah

On the ides of October Moldova witnessed a public political execution like it has never seen before. The leader of a ruling coalition party and former Prime Minister Vlad Filat was stripped of his legislative immunity and arrested in the … Continue reading
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Dialog of the Deaf and the Blind

For several months now protesters have been rallying in the streets of Chisinau, pressuring the government to resign, but the ruling establishment has remained deaf to the plea of the people. This is largely because the two main decision makers … Continue reading
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Protesters Are Done Pretending

Pretending has long been a national sport in Moldova.  Many people live a life of pretense because they do not have the courage to face the truth. We all, at certain points in our lives, have tried to project a … Continue reading
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The Story of Moldova’s ‘Billion Dollar Protest’

Thousands of people have taken part in a series of protests in Moldova’s capital, Chisinau, with protesters demanding the government’s resignation and early elections over a $1 billion bank fraud case. Daniel Brett, Ellie Knott and Mihai Popșoi outline why the … Continue reading
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Moldovan Political Activism on Social Media

One week into Moldova’s Acacia Revolution, as designated by one of its main faces Andrei Nastase, has witnessed tremendous mobilization by civic activists and regular citizens across the country and, indeed, across the world. Social media has played a key … Continue reading
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Civic Engagement versus Government Cynicism

September 6, 2015 protests in Chisinau may become a turning point in Moldovan political history just as well as they can fade away as if nothing ever happened.  So far, organizers appear determined to follow the history changing course, but … Continue reading
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Is Any Truth or Dignity Left in Vladistan?

If Putin’s Russia is an iron fist ruled Vladimirland, then Moldova can surely be regarded as a feather-headed Vladistan – a triumvirate of Vlad Filat, Vlad Plahotniuc and Vladimir Voronin.  For about five years now Moldova has been facing a … Continue reading
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Six Years After Moldova’s ‘Twitter Revolution’

In early April 2009 Moldova witnessed a rare outburst of civic engagement. Thousands of young people took to the streets hoping to make a difference.  Yet, the only tangible change they achieved was a renovated parliament, because the other vandalized … Continue reading
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