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7 rochii perfecte pentru aceasta vară

Nu știu cum și de ce, dar vara aceasta am început să port mai mult rochii. Să fie oare vârsta de vina??)))) Sigur ca nu! ???? Și, ciudat e, că eu mereu am fost “pantalon & top” girl. În fine, m-am gândit, să fac în […]

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A sunny day in Nice

EN Hi, beautiful girls! How are you? I have been very absent in the last period, but I promise to recover. Here, almost every day is raining, the weather is awful, but the next week it gets warmer and that makes me happy. I love when outside is warm and beautiful. I can not wait […]
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Goodbye 2015!!!

Here is the 365 day of the year… Some of us spend this day to walk through the year and draw up a list of work to be done. Others use it to make a list in order to review the year. Usually I’m doing this list in my mind and I’m rarely sharing it… Continue reading Goodbye 2015!!!
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A short trip to the French Riviera!

My trip to the French Riviera was one of the most spontaneously organized trips ever. I wanted to go somewhere, but i had no idea where. A friend of mine advised me to go to Nice, where one of his friends was so kind to host me. I thought “why not?” and booked the flight […]
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