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Why I love a summer midi dress…

EN Hi, my beautiful girls! How did you spend the weekend? I had an absolutely wonderful end of the week. The single bad thing is that I was attacked by mosquitoes. I have at least 50 bites on my hands and legs. Since I know me  I’ve been loved by these ruthless insects. Summer for […]
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How to stay cool and look great on a hot summer day

EN Hi, my beautiful girls! This week I was flooded with many new clothes. I have a lot of dresses that I can not wait to show you. They are so beautiful and vaporous that I want to change the clothes 10 times in a day… ???? But I think you know this situation… RO […]
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7 rochii perfecte pentru aceasta vară

Nu știu cum și de ce, dar vara aceasta am început să port mai mult rochii. Să fie oare vârsta de vina??)))) Sigur ca nu! ???? Și, ciudat e, că eu mereu am fost “pantalon & top” girl. În fine, m-am gândit, să fac în […]

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