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Moldovan-romanian Relations

Moldova’s Foreign and Security Policy Vulnerabilities

After 26 years of independence, the Republic of Moldova’s foreign policy is still framed by the East vs. West geopolitical competition. After it managed to conclude negotiation of the Association Agreement, as well as to receive visa-free regime – one … Continue reading
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Moldova’s Societal Vulnerabilities: How Foreign Actors Shape ‘Captive’ Identities

Given its location and its history, it should be no surprise that the Republic of Moldova is ethnically and linguistically heterogeneous. According to the 2014 census, 75.1% of the population identified as Moldovans, 7% as Romanians, 6.6% Ukrainians, 4.6% Găgăuz, … Continue reading
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Moldova Hopes to Boost Military Ties With Romania Amid Tensions With Russia

On February 4, Romanian Defense Minister Mihai Fifor arrived on an official two-day visit to Moldova. In a joint press conference, Moldovan Defense Minister Eugen Sturza thanked his counterpart and the Romanian government for its support in modernizing and developing … Continue reading
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Dodon muddies the water in Moldova’s relations with Romania and Ukraine

Mihai Popșoi: The statements of President Dodon create a less pleasant diplomatic atmosphere in the relations with neighbours. The foreign policy expert, Mihai Popsoi, says the biggest challenge in the relations with Kiev and Bucharest is the domestic policy of … Continue reading
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Cui Servește Lansarea Unui Nou Partid Unionist?

Din cele 31 de partide active din Republica Moldova, patru se declara unioniste (Partidul Liberal, Partidul Liberal Reformator, Partidul Național Liberal și Partidul Dreapta), ce reprezintă cca 13%. Printr-o coincidentă, media scorului electoral al Partidului Liberal la ultimile patru scrutine … Continue reading
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Moldovan-Romanian Relations Under a Dodon Presidency: Off to a Rocky Start

After giving his first major post-election interview to Zvezda, a television channel owned by the Russian Ministry of Defense (, November 17), a week later, Moldovan President-elect Igor Dodon offered his first extensive interview to the western media—Romania’s National Public … Continue reading
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Parteneriatul cu UE îl face pe Năstase favorit în cursa pentru Chișinău 

De la o vreme încoace, toate alegerile în Republica Moldova, inclusiv cele locale, au o pronunțată componentă geopolitică. Desigur, unii politicieni de pe Bâc au profitat excesiv de pe urma acestui fenomen, exploatând la maxim clivajul orientării externe a țării, … Continue reading
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