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Mihai Popsoi

Avenues of Russian Political Intervention in Moldova

A divided national identity and pervasive Soviet legacy provide fertile ground for Russian interfer­ence in the weak and unstable Moldovan political system. Historically, Moldovan political elites have always been divided between those who support and those who oppose closer ties with Russia. Russophiles … Continue reading
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Avenues of Russian Military Intervention in Moldova

Throughout its history Moldova has been a geo­political playground for larger actors in the region, and its newly acquired independence does not appear to have changed this. As many imperial powers do, Russia consistently undermines the sovereignty of independent countries … Continue reading
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Democracy in Moldova: A Cautionary Tale

There is a meme circulating on the Moldovan internet that ironically describes the country’s capital, Chișinău, as a “European city.” Although it is true that Chișinău is a city in Europe, it bears little resemblance to Berlin, Paris, and Rome. … Continue reading
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Să facem Moldovenii mândri de țara lor!

Cum ne dorim noi sa arate Moldova peste cinci ani? O țară cu o politică externă consecventă, care a recăpătat încrederea partenerilor externi, care se mișcă cu pași rapizi spre marea familie europeană. O țară care vorbește cu o singură … Continue reading
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