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Falcon 9: The All-in-one Guide of a remarkable rocket

Any search on the internet about modern rockets, rocket science or SpaceX will undoubtedly have in its first entries articles or images of the Falcon 9. But what is the history of the Falcon 9? What are its specifications, why is it so popular in space-related media, what’s the reason behind its very low cost? […]
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The Colonization of Mars

Mars: the most discussed planet (except Earth, of course) in the latest news. More and more people are starting to look towards the sky for the future of mankind, with the first step considered to be Mars by the majority of these people. But why Mars? What makes it so special, how is it different […]
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Marșul „Fără Frică” sau dragostea cu pulanul

Locuitorii orașului, care au trecut azi prin zona centrală a orașului, au fost speriați de starea de asediu și au simțit o disonanță cognitivă bizară: câteva cartiere au fost încercuite de forțele de ordine, polițiști dotați cu căști, bastoane, veste antiglonț și gaze lacrimogene. În mijlocul acestei debandade mergeau în marș oameni îmbrăcați cu zâmbete […]

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Where did life come from on Earth?

Where did life come from on Earth? This is a common question asked by scientists, but it still doesn’t have a solid answer. There are a lot of theories, but today I will cover only the 3 most credible ones. 1. Life came from Mars. It is thought that life came from Mars, as rocks […]
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The best places for humanity to colonize in space

Humans are born every second, and our planet can’t sustain humanity for much longer. Earth’s population limit is at about 10 billion people. After that, there will appear serious problems with the availability of fresh water and food. It is estimated that Earth’s population will reach 10 billion by 2050. If Earth can’t support us […]
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10 corporații transnaționale care controlează consumul produselor în lume

Aproape tot ceea ce se cumpară în magazine este produs de aceste 10 corporații transnaționale. Marte sau Snickers, Sprite sau Fanta, Jakobs sau Maxwell - indiferent de ce alegi, profiturile vor merge la o singură persoană.
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