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Statistica moldovenească sau “Super-găinile din Briceni” a publicat ieri un articol care conține un infografic făcut pe baza unui studiu al Biroului Național de Statistică al Republicii Moldova pentru anii 2014-2018, care ne prezintă prin ce este faimos fiecare raion al țării noastre. Unde se face cel mai mult vin sau pâine, unde trăiesc cei mai longevivi cetățeni sau unde se primește cea… Read More »
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The Colonization of Mars

Mars: the most discussed planet (except Earth, of course) in the latest news. More and more people are starting to look towards the sky for the future of mankind, with the first step considered to be Mars by the majority of these people. But why Mars? What makes it so special, how is it different […]
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a venit toamna…(4y.l.)

Dimineață… Razele străbat fereastra și au umplut camera de lumină… …e dimineață Scot nasul de sub plapumă, e dimineață… vreau să mă scol din pat… Întind atent un picior de sub plapumă și simt …simt frig! Îl trag rapid înapoi și cu tot corpul mă cufund sub plapumă, mă fac un colăcel, parcă așa mă … Continue reading a venit toamna…(4y.l.)
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Who is your dragon?

Despite all our big dreams and wishes, I think we never faced something so important or urgent to give us an impression of ”what are fundamental things” for us. We run, run fast for money, power, respect, love, recognition, knowledge,…

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Oh boy A lot of stuff happened since the last update on this project. New ideas, new reactions, new everything. First things first, for the sake of saving resources, time and money, the space station will be the form of a torus (basically a space donut). I’m still not done with the outside layer, but […]
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tuc tuc

…tuc tuc, tuc tuc, tuc…accelerat și grabnic. “Stai un pic inimă, nu sări din piept!” – tuc tuc, tuc tuc, tuc tuuuc.  Bătăile accelerate nu contenesc, se urcă, se coboară, aleargă. Ecoul pătrunde în tot corpul, se furișează în vîrful degetelor și le gâdilă fără milă. E un protest! E un strigăt! Despre tine. Despre … Continue reading tuc tuc
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Career challenges

Are you pursuing a career or thinking to choose one? At some point its good to ask yourself next questions: – The country I live gives me enough opportunities to grow to the maximum career level I want? – Do…
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The feeling of coming home!

There is no place like home. [En] 2 months since I’m back home and enjoying my time with all the people I love. Now in process to recharge my batteries ???? , we all need it after every trip or experience away. Traveling for a long time takes the excitement out of traveling. Eventually, things just […]
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Being true to yourself

What do you want and when do you want that, are the essential questions that we need to answer to ourselves. True, means clear as mountain water, sincere as a child and fresh as the nature in the spring. Most…
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Real entrepreneurs

  Real entrepreneurs are those that build the healthy relationship with their team. No one in the world can run a successful long-term company without trusted colleagues. In Moldova, we know a lot of ”self-claimed” entrepreneurs that don’t give a…
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Despre tatuajele mele

Voi ce părere aveți despre tatuaje? Sunteți pro sau contra? Până nu demult erau considerate ceva inacceptabil pentru o lady care se respectă ????, dar nu și acum. Se spune că odata ce îti faci unul, nu te mai poți opri… sau ca trebuie să […]

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Fear of fail

Sometimes we need many tries to make something happen. There are no short ways when you want to change anything. You need to make an effort and put 100% of yourself in what you do. I love doing many things…
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Our home, The Milky Way

The Milky Way, if you didn’t know, is the galaxy that we live in. Imagine our Solar System, make it 160,256,410 times wider and add 300 billion stars and you’ve got the Milky Way. Just the like the Earth is orbiting the Sun, so is the Solar System orbiting around the centre of the Milky Way. […]
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Space Stations Explained

After a very long pause, I am finally back. Sorry for the inactivity. I got burned out and didn’t have any ideas to write about. Now that I collected a decent number of ideas to maintain this blog I think it is time to start with the first one: Space Stations. So what exactly is […]
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Moving to Barcelona

[En] Yes… that’s what I was thinking I’m doing ???? , moving to Barcelona! Why Barcelona?! Well, I came back home from Tenerife in January and I knew it will be for a short period of time, because all my demons will try to escape again. I was looking for something new, something exotic and […]
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Elixir cocktail for healthy skin+video

Bună dimineața dragele mele, multe dintre voi mă întreabă cum mă mențin în formă, cum am dat jos cele 6kg după experiența mea în SUA, defapt am dat cam 9kg.. ???? deci, greutatea în care mă simt confortabil e de 58kg, însă acum am 55kg, straniu căci corpul meu cam încurcă vara cu iarna ???? […]

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Despre fly yoga

Fetelor, în sfârșit am găsit antrenamentul perfect pentru mine! Dintotdeauna mi-au plăcut antrenamentele de stretching mai mult decât cele de forță. În sens că, cele cardio sunt ok, tot îmi plac, însă cele cu greutăți, gen “stanovaya teaga” sau asezări, uurgh ???????????? hate them… deși […]

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Papagayo – my second home and my first job in Tenerife

Don’t stop when you’re tired. Stop when you’re done. [En] Looking for a job in Tenerife means to have a good CV and because it’s a touristic Island, the only thing you can do is to work in Hospitality. What do you need to be a good candidate?! Obviously, everybody loves a good appearance, perfect […]
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Interesting facts about Saturn

1. Density Because the density of Saturn is smaller than the density of water, theoretically, if there was an ocean big enough, Saturn could easily float on the top of it. 2. Rings The rings of Saturn are composed of rock, dust and ice. These pieces could range from as small as grains of sand […]
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