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The day of tomorrow

How deep should you go with your learning process? As deep, as it sustains you to stay alive and to deal with the challenges you face. You know what? The problems are never-ending so far, maybe in the future people…
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New Alexandria

Do you the idea of how many books were written? The Google says that we have around 130 mil books published by 2010 so we can suppose that today we have no more than 200 mil books. So, can we…
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Where do great ideas come?

Creativity is a mix of all the information that we found in our way. The brain creates the connection based on our experiences, lectures, knowledge, and feelings. The more you experience, the more connection you can create. The way of…
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Books of 2017

In 2017 I was lazy and I read only a few books. For me, those books were very important in all different forms. I had a lot of questions about stretching, anatomy, physical conditioning, body limits, forms of aggression, how…
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