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Human Rights

Don’t give up on democracy in Moldova

My country was once a leader in democratic transition in the post-Soviet space. It had high hopes of joining the European family of nations as the poster child of the European Union’s Eastern Partnership programme. This has proven to be … Continue reading
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Gender inEquality in Moldovan Politics

One would be surprised to learn that Moldova ranks 10th in the world among countries that have most women managers, with 44.1% of management positions filled by women.  The US is 15th with 42.7%, and, surprisingly, Canada is only 36th … Continue reading
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The Struggle of LGBT People in Moldova

Apart from being one of the poorest country in Europe, Moldova also happens to be one of the most homophobic. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons in Moldova face many challenges, even if same-sex sexual activity is not criminalized. A … Continue reading
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