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Do you pay cash or card?

Seriously, what do you prefer? Did you think how easy is to have no cash with you? Somewhere it’s easy, but not so in Moldova. In our country, you should be ready to have both. You never know when you…
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The future of our universe

The Universe is all of the space and time that we live in, contain all existing matter such planets, stars, nebulas, and every other thing that comes into your mind. The Universe was created about 13,7 billion years ago, and it is continuously expanding since then. But if there is one thing that we don’t […]
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Builders or Destroyers

Builders are those people that are organized and take care of everything they can. If they come to a new place, then their eyes are running to find things that they can improve and repair. They always are open to…
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Building the best version of ME

Experimentation is what comes to my mind when I think about improving myself. There is some general path that we can follow but we need to adapt everything to our personality. I can split my experience of improving myself in…
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