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Where do great ideas come?

Creativity is a mix of all the information that we found in our way. The brain creates the connection based on our experiences, lectures, knowledge, and feelings. The more you experience, the more connection you can create. The way of…
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Festivalul Muzical Gustar 2017

Salutare! Voi ce ați făcut în weekend? Noi am profitat de ultimele zile rămase din această vara și am mers la festivalul muzical Gustar. Iarăși la festival)) Ca și în ceilalți ani, festivalul a fost organizat la Orheiul Vechi și, de fiecare dată când merg […]

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Memories ❤

Memories are everything. What’s the point of living without memories? What if we woke up one morining and wouldn’t remember anything about ourselves?  Or what if we’d realise that our whole life was a dream? Would you be able to live without knowing who you are? Sometimes we want our bad memories gone. We want… Continue reading Memories ❤
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Marat de Nataşa Alina Culea

Titlu: Marat Autor: Nataşa Alina Culea Numărul de pagini: 247 Genuri: Dragoste, young-adult, viață, chick-lit Descriere:  La Beijing, în anul 2000, cu câteva zile înainte de Crăciun, într-un restaurant rusesc, Alina îl întâlnește pe Marat. Un singur dans, pe ritmuri de trandafiri sălbatici – și viața lor se schimbă pentru totdeauna. Din păcate, destinul i-a adus împreună… Continue reading Marat de Nataşa Alina Culea
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Red details – old film

EN: I feel like I didn’t post any photography articles on my blog in years and you know how much I love taking photos. I take pictures almost every day, but it takes me a long time to edit and post them. This week I wasn’t that busy so I made some time to write this… Continue reading Red details – old film
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Autumn – winter wishlist (Romwe)

A few days ago I found out about ROMWE  , which is a really cool online shop. I really liked the website, so I made a wishlist for you to see my favourite pieces from them. You can check it out and send me your favourites in the coments! I would love to see what clothes… Continue reading Autumn – winter wishlist (Romwe)
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We are never getting older

We are young and we are free, at least we pretend to be. Why would we spend our youth hating on things? EN: Instead of hating on fall, I decided to profit from it and the chilly weather by showing you how I style skirts in autumn. For this post I asked a friend to… Continue reading We are never getting older
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