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The feeling of coming home!

There is no place like home. [En] 2 months since I’m back home and enjoying my time with all the people I love. Now in process to recharge my batteries ???? , we all need it after every trip or experience away. Traveling for a long time takes the excitement out of traveling. Eventually, things just […]
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New Alexandria

Do you the idea of how many books were written? The Google says that we have around 130 mil books published by 2010 so we can suppose that today we have no more than 200 mil books. So, can we…
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Morning routines

I had read that the way you start your day is fundamental. It gives you power, direction, energy and focuses on achieving what you want. In the last five years, I tried many to do lists and self-management techniques, and…
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Barcelona meant Vueling :)

[En] Looking for a job can be a big challenge when moving around (even if I don’t find it that hard), especially when you want to try something new. Working in Hospitality was nice for me, but I wanted to taste a new job flavour. I had a dream – to change the ground for […]
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Moving to Barcelona

[En] Yes… that’s what I was thinking I’m doing ???? , moving to Barcelona! Why Barcelona?! Well, I came back home from Tenerife in January and I knew it will be for a short period of time, because all my demons will try to escape again. I was looking for something new, something exotic and […]
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Italy (Milan – Verona – Venice)

It’s beter to see something once, than to hear about it a thousand times. [En] I didn’t plan to create the TRAVEL Category, but how can I miss the chance to not talk about moldavian’s second home. I’ve never been to Italy before. I knew it’s beautiful, I was hearing about Italy a lot (obviously […]
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Esther Perel – my new discovery

Everyone should cultivate a secret garden. [En] My last discovery when it comes to books is Esther Perel. I bought her book while I was doing some shopping in Romania and suddenly I had it in my hands. The book cover is really stunning and the title just good enough to turn on my attention mode […]
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Nice to meet you (again) London!

Never say Never and Never say Always! [En] I’ve been to London exactly 3 years ago and we were 100% tourists (me, my mom and my cute sister). London Eye, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Madame Tussauds… yes, beautiful London! But my impression was a very cold one. I said – Thank you, London, […]
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Let’s talk about 10s

  10 places to visit in Tenerife Volcan Teide National Park – the biggest park on the Canary Islands. Mount Teide rises up to a height of 3,718 m, which makes it the highest peak in Spain.  Montana Amarilla – an incredible mountain by Costa del Silenco. It’s one of the Island’s most unusual landscapes. You will marvel at the […]
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Papagayo – my second home and my first job in Tenerife

Don’t stop when you’re tired. Stop when you’re done. [En] Looking for a job in Tenerife means to have a good CV and because it’s a touristic Island, the only thing you can do is to work in Hospitality. What do you need to be a good candidate?! Obviously, everybody loves a good appearance, perfect […]
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First steps on the Island

Will it be easy? Nope. Worth it? Absolutely! [En] It was a challenge to realize how far I was staying… well, living up in the mountain and walking like crazy on that hot weather made me cry like a baby every morning. How am I supposed to face it? I’m melting like an ice cream […]
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The muse of my soul

Take a break, sometimes you just need to lose yourself in beauty. [En] If you ask me what I like the most, my answer would be very short – ART, but not that simple. 3 letters…and still too sophisticated. Everybody see this world different, exactly, even now you understood the word “world” different than me and […]
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Hola, mi Isla bonita :)

Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known. [En] I took the map and was looking for a place to escape, not Europe, but I couldn’t go too far because of my docs. Canary Islands – Spain, but almost Africa (sounds good), let me check and see what’s going on with them. 7 Islands, beautiful Islands, […]
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Post – American Dream

Like a hangover neither triumphs nor disasters last forever. [En] Coming back home meant thinking about USA every day, but without any feeling that I would love to go back. Well, all this was just for a few months, because in winter I started to be crazy about the idea of moving to USA. I […]
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Youtube?! Make it useful!

Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will change. [En] Do you know how many times I was down?! I will not even dare to tell you! In fact, if you will never be down – you will have no idea how is to feel growing up. […]
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Pre – American Dream

There is nothing special about Work & Travel, but there is something special about my Work & Travel. [En] Almost 4 years ago I had no idea I m going to spend the next summer in USA and I didn’t even plan it. I saw a lot of students applying for this Program and my […]
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