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Reform without accountability is unsustainable

Even a filthy corrupt and authoritarian government might want to try a ”good” reform, in an attempt to boost popularity. Even that one “good” reform will most probably fail. And that is because it will lack a central ingredient, and that ingredient is accountability. Accountability has to be built into the reform, from the very… Continue reading Reform without accountability is unsustainable
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9 days = 8 cities

Day 1.  San Marino is calm as an aging man who knows what he can offer you. He is not begging for your attention. He is sincere and noble. Day 2. As to Rimini… Rimini is a man in his forties. He is handsome as hell, he lives in an old villa and he is […]
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We decided to bribe a troll to get inside information 

….and are crowdfunding here. The public has the right to know how online political trolls, financed from high-level corruption, are operating to spread lies and hate, to divide the people and stir discord, to promote a false agenda based on non-issues – all to protect their employers’ image. It is a visibly coordinated, disciplined, well-financed… Continue reading We decided to bribe a troll to get inside information 
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In Kyiv and Chisinau, Citizens Thirsty for Reform But the Governments Aren’t – Atlantic Council

      On December 1, the European Union withheld payment of €600 million to Ukraine for falling short on four reforms. The deal is conditional, and this final tranche is on hold until Ukraine follows through on its commitments. Meanwhile, one week before, at the Eastern Partnership Summit, the EU agreed to provide Moldova with… Continue reading In Kyiv and Chisinau, Citizens Thirsty for Reform But the Governments Aren’t – Atlantic Council
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To a new city

Traveling to a new city is like entering the house of a new lover. The desire, the anticipation, the fear: – What if I am lost? What if…? After a few days you will know: Here’s the coffee, here the coffee cups are. You will have the map of his body. And the smell. You […]
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New challenges for me as a blogger

I’m very proud to write my first article in English. I had so many doubts to start because I was not sure of my grammar and if my thoughts in English will sound the same as in Romanian, but I…
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COMMENT: Is Moldova’s new election system a threat to democracy?

Original article for BNE Intellinews here   By Dumitru Alaiba of the Policy and Reform Center and Natalia Otel Belan of the Center for International Private Enterprise June 26, 2017 More than 25 years after the fall of the Soviet Union, Moldova is a story of democratic transition success that never was. The same goes for… Continue reading COMMENT: Is Moldova’s new election system a threat to democracy?
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Modern Zombies: Amazing Illustrations by Gunduz Aghayev

This time Gunduz Aghayev tried to show such defects which have continued for centuries and have not been solved yet besides new global challenges. For the Artist the main reason of these problems is that, a person does not act individually, rather acts under the influence of the mass or any power.
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What can the EU do to restore Moldovan banking sector?

In December 2016, I finished a policy brief on the financial crimes that made Moldova famous worldwide – the theft of one billion USD from the National Bank reserves, and the laundering of over 20 billion USD by using Moldova’s and EU’s financial systems. I am publishing it below. Abstract – onepager (click to download)  Policy Brief –… Continue reading What can the EU do to restore Moldovan banking sector?
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Moldova state of affairs at the end of 2016, declaration signed by civil society activists

      Federica MOGHERINI, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of the European Commission Johannes Hahn, Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy & Enlargement Negotiations Miroslav Lajčák, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Slovakia COPY: Donald TUSK, President of the European Council Jean-Claude JUNCKER, President of the European Commission Martin… Continue reading Moldova state of affairs at the end of 2016, declaration signed by civil society activists
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The way forward for Moldova after these elections

This Sunday’s elections in Moldova are the easiest choice this country has ever had. It is a choice between good and evil, white and black, future and past. Moldova’s only oligarch and state captor Vlad Plahotniuc has to let democracy do its work. He must accept the fact he is and never has been wanted by the people. He… Continue reading The way forward for Moldova after these elections
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Eu am ales Centrul Methodus.

De pe data de 3 februarie 2016 am început să frecventez centrul Methodus. Din primele lecții am simțit că alegerea am facut-o  corectă și reușită. Am ales Methodus deoarece: prețul (accesibil), se poate și achitare în rate; aici am întâlnit...
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Centrul de Limbă Engleză – Methodus.

Centrul de Limba Engleză “METHODUS” organizează cursuri de limba engleză pentru adolescenți și maturi, adresat persoanelor care doresc să folosească limba engleză în diferite situații: călătorii, socializare, corespondență, între prieteni, pentru BAC, la serviciu etc. Se depune foarte mult efort...
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Nu cheltui banii pentru școli de limbi străine

Nu este nou pentru nimeni faptul că învățarea unei limbi străine îmbunătățește memoria, IQ-ul, sănătatea mintală și înca alte lucruri utile din capul și corpul nostru, iar unii din noi ajung la situații disperate, când au la dispoziție doar câteva luni să știe comunicarea de bază în italiană, engleză sau spaniolă și investesc saci de […]
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