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Moldova’s Democratic Façade Crumbles as Supreme Court Invalidates Democratic Election

On June 25, the Supreme Court of the Republic of Moldova denied opposition candidate Andrei Nastase (leader of the Dignity and Truth Platform Party) legal recourse, thus upholding the June 21 decision of the Appellate Court to invalidate the mayoral … Continue reading
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Mayoral Campaigns in Moldova’s Two Largest Cities: A Preview of Next Parliamentary Election

This Sunday, May 20, Moldova will hold early mayoral elections in the capital city of Chisinau, the second-largest city of Balti, and five other small localities. The mayoral seats in the two largest cities became vacant after the resignation of … Continue reading
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Moldovan Politics 2017: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Moldova has witnessed clear signs of democratic backsliding in 2017 on the backdrop of some consumptions based economic growth – the government calls it stability, while the opposition views it as stagnation at best. Window-dressing reforms and paying lip service … Continue reading
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Change of Electoral Systems in EaP Countries: Bolstering Dictators or Causing Maidan

Armenia: Before the Constitutional Referendum of 2015, Armenia was a semi-presidential republic. It had a semi-proportional representation underpinned by a majority bonus system. The unicameral parliament – National Assembly consisted of 131 deputies, of which 90 were elected on a … Continue reading
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Moldova’s New Electoral Bill Divides the Country

In early March 2017, Vlad Plahotniuc, media mogul and head of the ruling Democratic Party in Moldova, proposed a bill to change the country’s parliamentary electoral system from proportional to first-past-the-post. Plahotniuc realized that under the current proportional electoral system … Continue reading
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Changing the rules of the game in Moldova

It’s favourite move of dictators and autocrats everywhere: change the rules of the game once you start losing support or approach the legally mandated finish line. The post-Soviet space abounds in cases where heads of state overstay their terms in … Continue reading
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Transnistria: Change of Leadership, But Not Policy

On December 11, Moldova’s secessionist region of Transnistria held presidential elections. After a heated campaign, mutual accusations and even prison threats, the Chairman of the Supreme Soviet (Transnistria’s parliament), Vadim Krasnoselski, defeated the incumbent President, Yevgeny Shevchuk, by a landslide … Continue reading
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Legislative Election in Gagauzia: The Autonomous Region Turns its Back on Moldova Again

On December 4, Moldova’s Autonomous Territorial Unit of Gagauzia held the second round of its legislative election. The People’s Assembly (Gagauzia’s legislature) is composed of 35 members elected for a four-year term in 35 single member districts. A winner needs … Continue reading
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Russia Scores Symbolic Victory in Moldova’s Presidential Election

On November 13, Moldova held runoffs for its first direct presidential election in 20 years. The change resulted from a controversial Constitutional Court decision earlier this year (see EDM, March 8), which was seen as an attempt by the ruling … Continue reading
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Moldova Torn between Past and Future Ahead of Presidential Run-offs

On October 30, 2016, for the first time in 20 years, Moldovans went to the polls to elect their president directly. Before the March 2016 Constitutional Court ruling, which reintroduced direct elections, it was the national legislature that elected the … Continue reading
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The Future of Moldovan Politics after October 30th

Lately, Moldova has been going through some major political transformations. Firstly, a directly elected president is, perhaps, the most obvious of several such developments. Another well documented process is the reformatting of the political spectrum both on the left and … Continue reading
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Igor Dodon Profită de Patimile după Candidatul Unic

Republica Moldova are parte de o campanie prezidențială inedită. Din cei 12 candidați la funcția supremă în stat, aproape toți sunt fie direct sau indirect asociați cu Vlad Plahotniuc și verticala puterii meșterită cu multă dibăcie de acesta. Doar Maia … Continue reading
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Meet Moldova’s 16 Presidential Hopefuls

After a break of 20 years, Moldova will soon have a directly elected president. This follows a controversial Constitutional Court ruling of March 4, 2016 that reintroduced direct presidential elections with a mere stroke of a pen. Thus, throughout September … Continue reading
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Moldova at Quarter Century

An unlikely state is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Moldova is a contested place. It’s a young adult whom her parents wanted but were not so sure. And now at her young age she has psychological problems out of this. But … Continue reading
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Gender inEquality in Moldovan Politics

One would be surprised to learn that Moldova ranks 10th in the world among countries that have most women managers, with 44.1% of management positions filled by women.  The US is 15th with 42.7%, and, surprisingly, Canada is only 36th … Continue reading
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Vlad Plahotniuc for President!

There is increasing buzz about Vlad Plahotniuc’s presidential ambitions. After his recent PR offensive in Washington, where he met with Victoria Nuland and visited the IMF, he then organized a surprise Economic Forum in Chisinau, announced just the day before, … Continue reading
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Maia Sandu – Candidatul Dreptei la Prezidențiale

După aproape douăzeci de ani, Moldova își va alege președintele în mod direct. În urma deciziei controversate a Curții Constituționale, Parlamentul a stabilit data alegerilor pentru 30 octombrie. Facând abstracție de modul cum s-a revenit la alegeri directe, scrutinul prezindențial … Continue reading
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How international media failed Moldova’s protesters

Moldova’s image as the poorest country in Europe is rivaled only by its obscurity. In rare outbursts of international media coverage — often related to human trafficking, arms smuggling or mass protests — Moldova is depicted as a pawn on … Continue reading
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Legality vs. Legitimacy in Moldovan House of Cards

The notions of what is legal and what is legitimate are often used interchangeably. However, as any political science student would tell you, ‘legality’ simply means being in accordance with the law, whereas ‘legitimacy’ implies something being in accordance with … Continue reading
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Perfect Storm Brewing in Moldova

It has been almost two weeks since Strelet government fell and things are starting to precipitate. It is true that throughout the last few years Moldova has been in a continuous state of managed chaos. Yet, with PLDM out of … Continue reading
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