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People besides you

Have you felt those moments when you feel secure being beside friends? What about people that you don’t know, I’m sure that they need to deserve your trust. Someone said that you are the average of five people you spend…
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Morning routines

I had read that the way you start your day is fundamental. It gives you power, direction, energy and focuses on achieving what you want. In the last five years, I tried many to do lists and self-management techniques, and…
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Unii sunt gata să dea un ban gras pentru noul Iphone, alții pentru o nouă pereche de papuci văzuți în vitrină, pentru o copertă de revistă, care să le afișeze fața prin tot orașul natal sau pentru o pereche de buze noi. Tot omul are ceva pentru care ar fi gata să dea mai mulți bani, decât ar da alții, ca să fie fericit. Să le numim slăbiciuni sau mofturi, sau orgolii, whatever. Eu fac parte din cei care e gata să se despartă de niște bani în plus pentru o mâncare mai specială, dar mai cu seamă pentru o experiență culinară...
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Italy (Milan – Verona – Venice)

It’s beter to see something once, than to hear about it a thousand times. [En] I didn’t plan to create the TRAVEL Category, but how can I miss the chance to not talk about moldavian’s second home. I’ve never been to Italy before. I knew it’s beautiful, I was hearing about Italy a lot (obviously […]
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Romania you have never seen

(EN) Hi guys! This summer I decided to discover Romania and it’s pitoresque places. The first trip was at the mountains. It’s very comfortable to visit such places in summer because you can see much more beauty than in winter and at the same time the temperature outside is more favorable for walking the whole day, it was about 20 °C . The cities I visited are: Vatra Dornei, Brasov, Sovata, Sighisoara and Targul Mures.  But because I’m the most attentive person in the world, accidentally I deleted all the photos I took on my camera...
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Descoperă România – Târgu Ocna

Ce poate fi mai frumos decât un sfârșit de săptămână petrecut în inima Moldovei, la poalele munților într-o companie plăcută, să-mi spuneți voi? Săptămâna trecută am avut ocazia să particip într-o călătorie de informare, unde am vizitat mai multe destinații turisitice printre care și cel mai vestit târg din România, Târgul Ocna. Târgul Ocna este o […]
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A purple Saturday – Lavender Fest 2016

Lavandula or more commonly known as lavender is a flower native to the Old World (Europe, Africa, Asia) and there are 39 species of this plant. Jean Giono said “Lavender is the soul of Provence”, but he didn’t know that in Moldova you can find this flower as well. Only 39 km from Chisinau, in… Continue reading A purple Saturday – Lavender Fest 2016
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Hey, hey, hey! Attention, attention, attention!!! Tourists planning to visit the Republic of Moldova this weekend/ those who are already here/ moldovans that are not yet on holidays/ or anyone else!!!! This weekend a Super-Duper festival will be organized – LAVENDER FEST 2016!! It is the second edition and I’m really excited to attend it… Continue reading LAVENDER FEST 2016
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It’s DescOperă Time!

Old Orhei, Giuseppe Verdi, open air festival and Friedrich Pfeiffer. What do these elements have in common? The answer is: DescOperă! DescOperă is the first open air festival of classic music organised in the Republic of Moldova. Moreover, it was the first open air opera I attended, but this post is not about me… it… Continue reading It’s DescOperă Time!
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Tourist in my own country – Serpeni

I have been asked so many times, what can someone visit in the Republic of Moldova. Moreover, several times when I showed some pictures of our landscapes, I have been asked where are those beauties and why people don’t know about them. The truth is: we don’t know our country as well as we know… Continue reading Tourist in my own country – Serpeni
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Château Cojușna

If you’re a wine lover, the Republic of Moldova is the paradise you will never want to leave! We have so many wineries, that it is extremely difficult to decide which of them should be included in the “must visit list”. For no one is a secret that I’m in love with the good wine!… Continue reading Château Cojușna
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Fiecare zi trebuie să fie deosebită. Suntem cumva dependenți de rutina săptămânală, careva e student sau elev la școală, iar careva e angajat undeva într-o companie, dar aceasta n-ar trebui să ne împedice să facem ceva deosebit măcar în weekend. Eu cred că un om inspirat poate inspira și pe alții. Duminica care a trecut […]

Post-ul Inspirăte apare prima dată în Leahu Alexandru.

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Discover the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region

Hello everyone!!! It’s been a week since my return home.  One week can turn in an active, stressful, full of breathtaking views, delicious food, friendly talks and unforgettable time!  In 8 days, I have visited 7 cities, I traveled twice by plane, I changed 6 buses and 3 blabla cars (I will speak about that… Continue reading Discover the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region
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Goodbye 2015!!!

Here is the 365 day of the year… Some of us spend this day to walk through the year and draw up a list of work to be done. Others use it to make a list in order to review the year. Usually I’m doing this list in my mind and I’m rarely sharing it… Continue reading Goodbye 2015!!!
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Winter Holidays

Winter is not a season, it’s an occupation. Sinclair Lewis. Winter is a magical season of the year, when regardless to the age, we all feel like kids again. It is the “family time” season. It is the period for comfort, for good food, hot beverages, friendly talks, big companies gathered around the table and… Continue reading Winter Holidays
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Ganja – discover the real Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan.. I heard so much about this country, about its people, about its culture. I didn’t know what should I believe and what not. That is why I’m truly happy to be able to discover this country. Moreover, I had the chance to judge on the country not based on its capital, that sometimes doesn’t
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The magical Lapland

As winter is nearing, I would like to tell you about Lapland. I think it is one of the most wanted trips for children, but not only… If you will visit it during the cold season, you will definitely spend the best winter holidays in your life. Exactly one year ago, I was leaving for
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Get lost in the Cricova labyrinth!

Hello everyone, Even if I’m not visiting the wineries anymore, I will continue to spam you about the good wines that we have and I will try to “force” you to come to Moldova. In the last day of the “Drumul Vinului” (Wine Road) project we visited Cricova. It is in the town with the
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Happy birthday my love, Chisinau!

Today my dear hometown celebrates his 579 birthday (yes, it’s a he). This is the city where I grew up… and, maybe, I don’t know each of its secret corner, but I think I know almost every nice place and old building. Chisinau is the town where I’ll always feel at home.    As I
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