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Hackathon Media

So, I was this weekend to a media hackathon by invitation of a new friend Emil. It isn’t my first participation in such kind of events, but I gave it a try. I can start with the fact that the…
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New Alexandria

Do you the idea of how many books were written? The Google says that we have around 130 mil books published by 2010 so we can suppose that today we have no more than 200 mil books. So, can we…
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Waiters or Doers

The funny fact is that everything created in this world was made by people. More precisely people like us, maybe smarter, perhaps more experienced, but they started at one moment when they were non-experienced and stupid. It’s not a wrong…
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People besides you

Have you felt those moments when you feel secure being beside friends? What about people that you don’t know, I’m sure that they need to deserve your trust. Someone said that you are the average of five people you spend…
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