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Perfect outfit for fall days

EN Hi, my beautiful girls! How are you? I know, I have not been writing to much on my blog for a while, but on my Instagram account, I am very active. If you want to see more pictures and outfits do not hesitate to follow me – olga_lavric. RO Salutare, frumoaselor! Ce mai faceti? […]
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Chicwish Dress: Toamna mea cu flori și umbrele

Ori de câte ori citim sau auzim pe undeva spunându-se că hainele înflorate sunt la modă, sună a fi o banalitate, prentru că trebuie să recunoaștem că hainele înflorate dintotdeauna…
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Elegance never goes out of style

EN Hi, my beautiful girls! The weekend is approaching very fast, and I thought that I would not leave you without an outfit for this weekend, which for me is announcing to be quite loaded. I was invited to a festival and now I am standing and scraping my mind on what to dress. My […]
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