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Builders or Destroyers

Builders are those people that are organized and take care of everything they can. If they come to a new place, then their eyes are running to find things that they can improve and repair. They always are open to…
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Where do great ideas come?

Creativity is a mix of all the information that we found in our way. The brain creates the connection based on our experiences, lectures, knowledge, and feelings. The more you experience, the more connection you can create. The way of…
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Being true to yourself

What do you want and when do you want that, are the essential questions that we need to answer to ourselves. True, means clear as mountain water, sincere as a child and fresh as the nature in the spring. Most…
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Youtube?! Make it useful!

Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will change. [En] Do you know how many times I was down?! I will not even dare to tell you! In fact, if you will never be down – you will have no idea how is to feel growing up. […]
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TEDx Iași 2016

Pentru că anul acesta TEDx Iași vine cu o nouă doză de inspirație și o nouă serie de idei care ar trebui cel puțin ascultate! Anul acesta băieții de la TEDx Iași au decis să facă nu un simplu eveniment de o zi, dar o mică conferință de 2 zile. Dacă crezi că  mai eficient […]

Post-ul TEDx Iași 2016 apare prima dată în Leahu Alexandru.

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