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Casual Outfit

Casual Autumn Outfit

Hey, care este cel mai comod outfit după părerea voastră?! Pentru mine este unul casual, fără tocuri, fuste și top-uri scurte. Săptămâna trecută am trecut pe la Sofi&Co shop ca să văd ce hăinuțe mai au și ca de fiecare dată nu am putut ieși cu mâna goală de acolo. ???? Mi-am găsit cel mai comod […]

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Walk in style

(EN) Hello, my dears. How are you? I just arrived at home from a date for a possible collaboration, but I can’t tell you yet what is it about. Soon I will let you know. Also, yesterday I attended an event where I parade for several designers from Côte d’Azur. It was awesome. Those who […]
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Dress up & Go out

Hi, my dears! It’s Thursday, so it’s clear – we have a meeting on the blog! First, I want to thank you for your messages. I appreciate each comment that you leave to me on Instagram, Facebook, blog or in private. Also, if you have any topics you want to know more details feel free […]
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The perfect weekend outfit

Hello, my dears! I hope that yesterday you had a very pleasant day full of surprises from your beloved. I had a beautiful day, I received flowers and from my husband and a lot of messages from relatives and friends. In the evening we hoped to go to the restaurant near our house, but it […]
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Casual chic outfit for winter

Hello, my beautiful girls! I hope that you take the advantage of your holiday… because tomorrow I go back to work. Ohhh… I don’t want! I love the days when I can sleep as much as I want, to watch a movie or to read my favourite book… but unfortunately those days pass so fast. […]
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