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Autumn Outfit

Magia toamnei- Outfit

Bună dragilor! După cum v-am tot ros urechile pe instagram, toamna este anotimpul meu preferat și anume în această perioadă am o grămadă de idei. Exact din acest considerent, azi vin cu o postare cît se poate de tomnatică. V-am pregătit un outfit numai bun pentru vremea încă călduroasă și pentru peisajele aurii. M-am gîndit […]
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EN: Hey, my fashionistas! How are you today? I have decided that I will write in English and also in Romanian because I have a lot of friends abroad and they don’t understand Romanian. If I will make some mistakes please don’t judge me too bad, because I learn every day to become a good example and […]

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Late summer outfit (+ self made crop top)

EN: Sadly, the summer is ending and we have to say goodbye to our shorts and sandals. But the crop tops don’t have to go. You can easily pair them with a pair of high-waisted jeans and some autumn boots or with hi-top converse, like I did. You can also wear a jacket if it’s too… Continue reading Late summer outfit (+ self made crop top)
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