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3 artiști și sculpturile lor din cărți

Cărțile au puterea nemărginită de a ne încuraja să facem lucruri dincolo de imaginația și abilitățile noastre. Ele influențează în egală măsură cititorii simpli, regi și artiști. Despre cei din urmă, mai exact 3 dintre ei, vreau să vă povestesc. Malena Valcárcel este o talentată artistă care trăiește în Alicante, pe coasta mediteraniană a Spaniei. […]
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A purple Saturday – Lavender Fest 2016

Lavandula or more commonly known as lavender is a flower native to the Old World (Europe, Africa, Asia) and there are 39 species of this plant. Jean Giono said “Lavender is the soul of Provence”, but he didn’t know that in Moldova you can find this flower as well. Only 39 km from Chisinau, in… Continue reading A purple Saturday – Lavender Fest 2016
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Hey, hey, hey! Attention, attention, attention!!! Tourists planning to visit the Republic of Moldova this weekend/ those who are already here/ moldovans that are not yet on holidays/ or anyone else!!!! This weekend a Super-Duper festival will be organized – LAVENDER FEST 2016!! It is the second edition and I’m really excited to attend it… Continue reading LAVENDER FEST 2016
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It’s DescOperă Time!

Old Orhei, Giuseppe Verdi, open air festival and Friedrich Pfeiffer. What do these elements have in common? The answer is: DescOperă! DescOperă is the first open air festival of classic music organised in the Republic of Moldova. Moreover, it was the first open air opera I attended, but this post is not about me… it… Continue reading It’s DescOperă Time!
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Lithuanian Coast – A trip to the Baltic Sea!

Summer is already here!!!! In case you still have no idea where to go, here is an unusual place : Lithuanian coast. Have you ever thought to spend your summer holiday at the Baltic Sea? This place is simple amazing! You can stop in Klaipeda and from there visit the nearest popular seaside resorts such as […]
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The Republic of Užupis : a state within a state!

The Republic of Užupis is a district in Vilnius and it is a state within a state. It proclaimed its independence on 1 April 1997. Uzupis, has not only its own constitution, but a national anthem, a bishop, and four flags (one for each season of the year). It is quite small and isolated – about 148 acres […]
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